What To Expect In A Pet Friendly Motel

What To Expect In A Pet Friendly Motel

Do you love your pet such much when you’re traveling you cannot leave him behind? You are lucky since there are several motels for pets. If you are traveling with your pet for the first time, here is what you should expect:

Where does the dog remain

Pet friendly motels provide tiny cages to stay with your pet. If your dog is a crate trained, he will find it quite pleasant to stay at the motel, but he may be anxious to find it difficult to get used to the new location if he does not. You should take a tour of the property before booking the motel and make sure the property is clean, odorless and properly arranged.

If you do not want your pet to remain in a small boarding cage, you should choose a boarding facility. Such a facility generally provides a small area with dog beds and toys to make your dog feel like he’s still home. If your dog has arthritis, make sure the room is spacious enough to walk around him.

Dog Walking

Most hotels allow you to walk your dog twice a day for a few minutes. Make sure you understand the amount of times you are permitted to walk with the dog before booking a motel. You should inquire if there is a closed place where the dog may go a little if you want your dog to get additional workouts..


While many pet friendly motels provide pet food, your pet may not eat regularly. As dietary changes might lead to stress resulting in diarrhea and vomiting, your own food is advised.

You should notice that many animals do not eat well when boarding, therefore you should always pack nutritious food that makes the meal on the hotel more enjoyable. Let the boarding facility know the food your animal can and cannot consume in order to safeguard your dog.

When the animals get sick

Animals are frequent to get ill. The great part is that many reputable motels review them periodically to verify that they are good. You should be aware that if your pet becomes sick, it is your duty to take care of the veterinarian charges.


This is what you should expect from a visit to a hotel for animals. To always conduct a comprehensive study and get to know the finest motel in the region, have a fantastic experience.

What To Expect In A Pet Friendly Motel

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