Vacationing in Oaxaca, Mexico, With the Family Dog, Cat or Other Pet

Vacationing in Oaxaca, Mexico, With the Family Dog, Cat or Other Pet

As the owner of a bed and breakfast in Oaxaca, Mexico, I often ask tourists who are planning to visit the city to bring the family dog or cat for a holiday. You first inquire if pets are allowed at guest level and, after receiving a negative reply, ask in a second e-mail for names of alternative hotels or other pets. The counsel is usually the same, yet the questions continue to come.

The pet lover and owner of a boxer is not a pet psychologist, nor does it pretend to know exactly what is right or wrong when it comes to decisions about his family dog or cat (or his children – the lord knows that we made mistakes in raising our daughter and continues to make mistakes). Nor do it affect the mutt or his “parents,” or “siblings,” to leave a pet behind. Some things, however, should at least be addressed before opting to take Fido or Tabby for the journey.

 Yes, certain Oaxacan hotels and bed & breakfasts accept animals, dogs and cats included

Naturally, almost every major tourist city in the civilized world contains a strange hotel, guest house or bed and breakfast where pets, dogs and cats are accepted at a minimum. There is no exception to Oaxaca. A few members of the Oaxaca Bed & Breakfast Association, for example, are pleased to invite guests to four stories. But most people dread the idea of even a cat meowing or dog barking, and consequently have to deal with concerns of animal-free guests. There are certainly exceptions, but what can it show about the quality of accommodation if the owner struggles to rent out rooms inasmuch as it feels obliged to allow dogs, cats, rats, parakeets, snakes and lizards?

Your choice of accommodation is drastically restricted by limiting your option to Oaxacan accommodation that accepts animals. Is it the Homo sapiens holiday in the family or the canines and felines?

 But think about the poor animal, no matter how you insist it belongs to the family

Whether you believe it or not, family pets are actually different from family members, regardless of how much we treat them the same as ourselves, if they sleep with us in our own beds, whether they take up our feelings and ideas. Will the pet be less patient than the children after the first couple of hours of the journey to Oaxaca? Can he play board games in the car? Would he be more happy to be looked after at a superior institution, where he can take care of himself?

 We board Tito with a dog trainer on holidays. Now, seven years later, when we start to collect his food and water bowls and leash and chain on the way, he becomes really thrilled to feel he’s heading to the country club again.

The owner of a dog or cat in Oaxaca is otherwise restricted.

Many of the ruins and cultural monuments do not allow animals, leashed or otherwise. Yes, in the automobile the dog or cat can be left, windows slightly ajar. But do you risk returning to the car park and finding that Fido evaded the coup with the assistance of an Oaxacan keen to make the catch a coin? Do you continuously want to be obsessed with this opportunity instead of spending all your energy on Monte Albán, Mitla or the market place? The balance of the pet drastically limits your capacity to appreciate a lot of essential tourist attractions.

 If you are not yet convinced, consider boarding the animals in Oaxaca and comparing the costs.

True enough, for most of us, boarding charges in the United States and Canada are exorbitant.

 Therefore, consider boarding the beast here in Oaxaca as a final effort to convert the otherwise committed. The benefits of this include:

  • The cost is around one fifth of the cost of a home.
  • Your holiday will not have any sights you may view limitations.
  • You won’t be obsessed with the way your dog or cat does; you won’t have to make long-distance calls to be sure.
  • Your pet may still enjoy spending quality time with the rest of the family across the mid-west of America.
  • You may walk around to see him every day and share stories on how the day went. Most boarding facilities provide hours of visitation.
  • He’ll have a great holiday and maybe even pick up some Pet-Spanish.

Why You will have no such limitations on choosing a hotel or B&B and so your holiday in Oaxaca will be much more pleasant and restful. 

Since dog psychologists are always employed in pet-boarding in Mexico, you may kill the proverbial two birds with one stone – spend the first half hour on your dog’s stress and half an hour on yourself.

Vacationing in Oaxaca, Mexico, With the Family Dog, Cat or Other Pet

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