Is Your Pet Reincarnated? Animal Angel Reincarnation, Inspiring Hope for Pet Loss Grief Support

Is Your Pet Reincarnated? Animal Angel Reincarnation, Inspiring Hope for Pet Loss Grief Support

My dog is dead.

I was heartbroken! I was devastated! My heart has suffered a lot of anguish and loneliness. My life has been blotted out. His wiggling hadn’t been waiting for me, and it was more than I could stand to be in an empty home.

I’ve watched never-ending months of weekly photographs, puppy updates, movies, and webcam rescues. Nothing! I didn’t really worry since my heart was still weeping at my core and my tears were still flowing. However, I felt obliged to follow the updates no matter how unhappy I felt.

Then this fleeting, tiny ball that dragged a large, plush toy in its jaws gently zoomed onto my computer screen. My heart was revived. I must have watched this video hundreds of times, revisited it and remembered it. In my spirit, I “felt” him (sign 1). Although 2500 miles away, I contacted him. He was accessible. I was thinking of flying the tiny chap with stopovers too far. (Sign 2) The airline added a non-stop service from that location to our airport just as the Universe had, so now I had no excuses. For years now, I have been unfettered and a new pet, well…

I chatted with the puppy’s guardian and questioned her till she probably got extremely weary of me. She playfully referred to him in one chat as a “bad guy.” I asked why.- I asked why. She said he had on his right hip something that looked like a B and would give me a photo. (Sign 3) The image went up my spine with goosebumps and all my pals into the “what don’t you get?” chorus. He was already being spoken about at a higher level than any of us then realized. It felt as though God had assigned an Angel to monogram my signature on his hip so that I was not so “human” that that dog was intended to be mine.

I greeted him at the airport VERY apprehensive with a tired heart, frightened and eager! What if we didn’t connect and I had the wrong pup? I had never remotely selected a dog. He started from his box and sat all 7 pounds of 9 week old fluff in front of me immediately. He glanced up and peered into my eyes straight as if to tell me where I was. We’re going to go on with our lives now. Then he hopped into my arms and slept all the way to my new home.

I named him Friend. I named him Friend. Without skipping a beat, he answered his “former” name. He knew where his bed was, identified his toys from his former life and collected them in his own playground, where they should be! He didn’t check the new toys, he wanted HIS things! He’s talking, hugging, and doing all the things that my soul pets “did.” We never left each other when I gazed into his eyes. He is my best friend, my “baby puppy.” His spirit answered while my heart was asking where you were, “I must swap my old body for this new body so that I may be in your life again. He learned and answered all the orders of the elderly dog at the age of 10 weeks. He is my old adult dog with a few moments of puppy except that he’s “wide open,” learning to use those new feet and is a chewing monster!

I am lucky that I have soft paw pads that touch my face every morning to wake me up. All the excentric tiny habits, rituals, features, favorite toys, meals, places, and tricks my soul only knows are back on earth in another earthly “monogrammed” Friendly Fur shape.

Don’t lose hope after you have lost your pet, service dog, pet-friendly animal, pet therapy dog, soul dog or baby baby forever. Listen to the urges of your heart, watch your dreams and follow the knowledge and intuition of your soul. There’s a reason. Some part of your soul understands that you want to keep on with the pet’s bedding and toys. The soul of each dog is a mind made up of everlasting energy that exists in everything that is forever.

God/the universe honors his decision to reincarnate with you many times in many physical forms when it is your soul animal companion, your animal spirit guide, or your spiritual master in an animal form. Know that your pet is never gone. Give your spirit time for a new body to pick. You will know when you see them! When you see them! “I’m home, Mom!”

Here are some symptoms of reincarnating your animal:

1. Hear and follow the time of your inner urges to seek a new shape for your body. You’ll know whether a puppy, rescue dog, animal shelter, newspaper ads, search the internet, simply listen and have confidence!

2. Don’t overlook the tiny things and simply dismiss them as unworthy.

Follow the specifics and trust that they are right. No coincidences exist.

3. Look at their soul windows into your dogs’ eyes. You’ll know and realize your connection.

4. Ask inquiries and listen to your heart’s replies.

There is a reason. Some part of your spirit knows that they will be back. 5. If you feel that you want to hold your pet’s bedding and toys,

Sometimes when they return, they represent a new characteristic which you hoped they would have as an additional response to your prayer in addition to their prior characteristics. The time span for reincarnation might be as brief as several hours or more.

Many pet deprivation groups and pet/animal loss groups as well as animal reincarnation publications are available for your cure. Only Plain Love books give more knowledge and a list of animal reincarnation indications. Loss of Pet Grievance Counselors, animal communicators, and networks of animal angels have a lot of books on Amazon and retail. Internet sites can offer animal reincarnation blogs and animal reincarnation discussion groups on animal reincarnation to assist you with your companion’s death. You’ll know if your favorite pet will reincarnate and say “I’m home!” Listen to your heart.

Love never ends! Love never ends!

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Is Your Pet Reincarnated? Animal Angel Reincarnation, Inspiring Hope for Pet Loss Grief Support

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