How to Get Rid of Fleas Safely and Naturally

How to Get Rid of Fleas Safely and Naturally

I owned an elderly dog with renal and hepatic issues and lately invaded by cat fleas from an assault of street cats in the neights. I tried to discover the safest and most natural flea treatments I could possible find. I have been able, following much study, to assemble a genuine arsenal of flea remedies I thought I would share with other dog owners, especially since most of us know how destructive pesticides and insecticides are. I, like many of you, totally refuse to subject my pets to carcinogens.

My dog has flea allergies therefore it was important for me to discover effective and secure treatments. She drives her insane with a flea bite! Let me begin by telling you this, if you want to get away from your house and the pets, you must realize that you have to apply a few ways of flea prevention, and you will have to be patient.

My curiosity in herbal necklaces was stimulated and I wanted to investigate them more. To my consternation, I have learned that pennyroyal and rue are the bulk of herbal collars. These substances may cause liver and kidney (and many other health problems) harm when consumed, and even if my elderly dog was probably slender to eat, I was not prepared to chance it.

The next natural remedy I read was Borax or Boric powder. People showed that these treatments had a remarkable impact on fleas and, while I do not disbelieve it soon became obvious to me that they are not safe goods for my beloved animal. Borax is an abrasive material thus you can guess what happens if your pet inhals it, moreover borates tend to be concentrated in the kidney and harm your kidney.

Well, other from my ever trustworthy flea comb, here’s a long narrative I’m using:

  1. Flea Traps: the type that works by pulling the fleas to an adhesive surface. Small bulbs are used to draw flu to a sticky surface. I collected a few tiny fleas and insects. What I do is leave them overnight when the effect is dark. One smart approach to enhance their efficiency is to sometimes shift them around. I also put them in the bedding of my dog (she has two, one in the lounge and one in our bedroom, so at night I put the trap in her lounge bed and during the day I darken the bedroom and put a trap in her night bed).
  2. Dawn or Fairy Dishwashing Liquid: Regular Dawn of a Fairy fluid is great for bathing your dog infested with fleas, less harmful than specialized flea shampoos because it does not contain chemicals or insecticides, and you will feel a disturbed feeling of pleasure when you see nasty creations drowning on the water. 
  3. Herbal Collars: There are certain herbal collars that are safe; the collar I use has lavender and cedarwood tissue. 3. While I’m not a great lover of cedarwood shavings, it is a minute, just enough to keep my dog away from the unpleasant bugs. The same company also manufactures a dry powder shampoo with all natural (and safe) components and is very concerned with the safety of their goods by the company’s owner (I grilled her with all my concerns). Let’s just say it’s definitely “excellent fluffiness!”
  4. Earth diatomaceous: Make sure you get GRADE D/Earth, anything else is possibly hazardous. Sprinkle the dirt beneath sofas, beds, anywhere your dog doesn’t stay around regularly. Make sure your dog is kept away as you inhal the tiny particles might lead to issues and if feasible wear a dust mask. Earth may be used both indoors and outdoors, although I would urge you not to use it outdoors, since you will kill many “good” insects. Ants, if you don’t have trouble eating flea larvae, then I see them as a precious component of my safe flea arsenal!!

Human food grade d/earth or fossil flour is reported to be helpful for fighting internal parasites also, so I want to try that, because I fear using commercial worm medicines on my dog at this stage. I attempted to find out whether there were any negative side effects, but could not find anything, in fact many use fossil flour each day and say that there are numerous advantages. Please inform me if you know of any dangerous side effects of taking it orally on a pet!

  1. Organic tags: A few businesses claim that their tags give your pet a magnetic shield to keep your flutes and ticks away. There are good and negative reviews on this issue, but I have been unable to discover literature on any serious adverse effects, so I have one for my dog. Worse, I’m just a few dollars away, I love my dog and would do everything I can to make her healthy and comfortable, so I don’t mind. I guess it won’t hurt her and it’s fantastic if it works!
  2. Motion Sprinklers Detector: This is a fantastic and gentle approach to keep flea-ridden animals out of your yard.

This is all; I believe I’ve covered all of it! This is the end of my comprehensive reading and investigation, and I hope it will also help you get rid of your fleas. Let me know, please, if you’ve got some safer treatments!

How to Get Rid of Fleas Safely and Naturally

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