How Do I Let My Dog Know I'm The Boss?

How Do I Let My Dog Know I'm The Boss?

If you’re asking this question, you undoubtedly have issues controlling your dog. You follow and adapt to whatever your dog wants. If that is the case, you should continue to read. I’ll explain to you why your dog behaves like that and what you should do to modify this behaviour.

Mentality Pack

Your dog may not be born in the wild, but the mindset of the pack remains part of his instincts. By displaying authority and strength, he will sort out the social order. For that reason, he sees you either as his leader or his follower depending on your way of acting, behaving and treating your dog. It may be because you spoiled your dog and consistently give in to whatever he wants. He begins to assume that he is the Alpha male and you are the follower.

What should I do? What should I do?

You see, dogs are just like kids. You should be able to create rules to comply with them; the absence of regulations will only spoil your dog. It can help not only discipline your dog, but it will also show him that you’re the boss or the alpha dog, if you try to apply these few basic guidelines.

First of all, before your dog.

Even simple stuff like this will let your dog know who the household’s alpha male (or female) is. The leader always feeds first in the wolf pack. If you demonstrate your first meal before your dog, let him know you’re the pack leader. Do not attempt to give in when he whimpers and offers the sad puppy eyes to you. Try also to avoid feeding him pieces of food as you eat. He should eat just after you eat.

Another regulation that applies when you go through the door. If you initially let your dog pass through the door, you indicate he is the dominant dog. You should constantly remember that. Leaders and followers are in charge. So, anytime you pass a door, make sure you first go through it to tell him that you are the leader and that he is the follower.

Rules of Sleep

We saw several films and TV shows about animal owners who let their pets lie on their beds.  Allowing him to sleep in your bed implies that you are the same. Give him a bed or a cake in which he feels comfortable sleeping. Make sure your bed is on the floor. Do not go near your dog if your dog is sleeping on the floor. Dominant dogs sleep wherever, lesser dogs move about and don’t disturb their slumber. If you notice your dog lying on the sofa, then give him a slight push to allow him to get out. If he sleeps in the hallway, and you have to walk through it, rouse him up so that he moves out. Don’t try to step on him, of course.

These are only a few easy guidelines to make sure your dog is the leader. Keep this always in mind and in practice, and your dog will quickly recognize that you are the house’s Alpha male.

How Do I Let My Dog Know I'm The Boss?

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