Dog Trivia: Completely Useless Facts About Dogs That Are Fun To Know

Dog Trivia: Completely Useless Facts About Dogs That Are Fun To Know

How many hours does the dog sleep a day? The dog sleeps around 13 hours a day. It’s almost as long as a baby. (The average number of newborns sleeping 14-18 hours a day.) But the rhythm of sleep differs from a dog to a person. Dogs don’t need to sleep at a time for hours. Sometimes it’s only a fast snooze of 15 minutes.

What are the dew claws and why dogs?

The twin claw is the annex on the inside of the front leg that has a pad comparable to your paw pad. Some say that the dew claw is not intended to be removed. Others believe that certain dogs’ tugs contact the ground as they run so that the tug helps them run. My bulldog uses her dew claws to assist her eat her bone. explains that it is termed a dew claw, as it does not touch the earth but rather the dew.

Can you have dog cosmetic surgery? I assumed she was joking when a friend recommended to me that I would have braces for my bulldog. But she was not. But she wasn’t. There are genuinely veterinary dentists who charge your dog’s teeth from $1200 to $2000. And if the braces aren’t enough, you can think that you can fit Fido for approximately $400 with testicular implants. Does Missy require a “boob job” once her babies have been cared for? That’s also accessible. That’s a facelift or a work with the nose. The nose task is urged to halt the storage. The owners of Bulldog take note. (Unless you’re like me and you believe that snoring bulldogs is adorable.)

Why is my dog fond of licking my nose? The specialists dispute as to why a dog licks a human nose. Some people think it is a matter of showing affection for their owner while others suggest that dogs salute one other by liking each other. The third communication is the respect that the dog has for the human, because it is how dogs respect each other. By liquoring another dog’s face. So does that indicate that a dog appreciates any dog to which they say “hello?” Something to think about.

How many pups in a litter is the average? It is rather apparent that the response varies greatly according to race therefore let’s look at the extremes. On the lower end, on the Pomeranian average there are two puppies each litter and on the high side there is 10 pups per litter in Pekin on the average. The world record for most chicks in a small one goes to a Nap Mastiff in 2005 who produced 24 chicks in one litter!

How many dog owners allow their pets to lie with them in bed? Would you think two of three dog owners would let their dog to sleep with them in bed? A whooping 67% invites Fido to his bed.

How many people have a dog in the United States? In the United States there are around 111 million households. 44.8 million of those U.S. homes have a dog. That implies that just 4 families out of 10 have a dog. The average household number of dogs is 1.7. 37.5 million households have a cat in contrast.

Why do authors use “Fido” as their frequent dog name? Fido is derived from the “loyal” Latin word and it is commonly thought that the dog’s name was taken from Fido. Ironically, Fido is not even in the Top 10 of’s common dog names.

What is the commonest dog name in the United States? Buddy. I have four pals with a dog named Buddy, a quick poll of my personal friends found.

Who has the world’s biggest pet dog population? Don’t be surprised. The United States does. Who’s in #2? Brazil.

If you ever encounter a dog trivia game, knowing these unnecessary facts about dogs may only help you win the game!

Dog Trivia: Completely Useless Facts About Dogs That Are Fun To Know

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