A Human Pill to Kill Bed Bugs Is Ingesting Poison

A Human Pill to Kill Bed Bugs Is Ingesting Poison

Have you heard about the latest treatment for bed bugs? In fact, people are taking heartworm medication for pets. It is called Stomectrol and has been extensively documented for killing a number of parasites, but is mostly known for hot weather in dogs. When these folks bite bed bugs, the bed bugs die.

Are you fooling me with these freaks?!

Well, guess what this’medicine’ is? This is poison! It is a poison! Yes, it works like that. It is a toxin, but it’s not enough to damage dogs at apparently low doses to fight heart worm (and now bed bugs) (and now humans).

Why do you believe that bed bugs are dying? Why don’t they enjoy the taste? NO! Because it’s dangerous, poisonous, fatal, and whatever word you can find, it kills!

So when is a poison safe, exactly?

One thing is to feed our pets poison every month. We were informed that it was OK, totally safe. Your vet urged you to use it to make your dog comfortable. Heartworms are, after all, serious and costly, so who would like to deal with them? This is a simple, monthly tablet, and there are no problems, right?

Well, this “harmless” medication is shown to reduce the life of your pet by 25 percent. Hello?! This is POISON! It is POISON! How many of you know of someone who has lost an animal to renal or liver failure’suddenly’? Well, duh! Well, duh! There was no anti-freeze, mothballs, old age, or other than the cumulative effects of the fatal poison that spread over the years via the veins.

In the communal thinking that the synthetic poison taken into the blood stream is OK for our four-legged companions, all of us have drunk Cool-Aid once more. Actually, there’s a bit of an argument that a happy, plague-free animal is a better existence than one plagued by plagues… especially when it requires a monthly reminder to deliver a deadly dosage.

But humans… people take medication to assure their blood toxicity to kill bugs. It’s beyond understanding!

Bed bugs are, no question, a serious business. They are costly to eliminate. They induce all kinds of sleep deprivation that might make patients insane. After all, if you’re most defenseless and asleep, they attack you-what a nightmare!

But SANE solutions are available! Healthy, efficient, non-toxic solutions are not costly.

Why would a rational person consume poison deliberately? A person would only consume poison if ‘experts’ said it was all right. Well, this is an example of ‘experts’ being insane!

Bed bugs are a serious problem, but poisoning is not the solution. Be knowledgeable and deal with anything that works and does not affect your health. Do not harm yourself and be sensible in attempting to exterminate a bedbug.

A Human Pill to Kill Bed Bugs Is Ingesting Poison

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